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Save money on textbooks

Between tuition, housing and textbooks, we can all agree that the pursuit of higher education is an expensive endeavor. Thankfully many college students are discovering that they can rent textbooks for half the price of the cover price. Textbook rentals are easy. Simply search the extensive database, by subject, keyword, title, author or ISBN number. You are sure to find any textbook including the dreaded Calculus. Once you order your textbook it promptly arrives at your door, and when you are done simply return it back in the pre-paid envelope provided. With free shipping both ways you never get stuck with large postal charges. The textbook rental periods are designed to accommodate the needs for the busy college student and are available on a semester, summer or quarter basis. If you need to keep your book just a little bit longer to study for that all important final exams simply take advantage of the 15 day or 30 day extensions that are available. There is also a 15 day grace period available on the return of any textbook, so you have plenty of time with your rental. These textbooks are meant to be treated as your very own book, so go ahead, and highlight! With book rentals there are no regrets, if you decide to drop the class and do not need the book a little longer simply return it within 30 days of ordering for a full refund. Renting textbooks is an easy and great way to save money.