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Roland Sampling

When it comes to music my kids are really loving it they even dance. That is why when I heard about this Roland Sampling I am excited to know the details. This roland spd-sx is amazing because it really makes you try out and hear a soothing music that you make. It has 2GB and 360 minutes of doing the sampling without any other external memory. This is an amazing product to have. If you want it just visit the link above specially they offer a discount…

Updating This Blog

I am busy and got sick that is why I did not update this blog and am sorry my dear visitors and readers. This blog also got a hosting problem for few days. Anyway, am here updating this blog hope you will come back to visit me. How’s your coming holiday season are you ok? I know some people are not merry at all but we still thankful that we are alive. Have a great day to all and God bless.

Office Needs

My friend’s office is in need of an affordable wholesale printer because they have just given all tasks of printing to the expensive wholesale printer just round the corner and their office is losing money that way. Well, if their office have their own printer, they could save a lot. But then that entails manpower too, so I guess the costs will be just the same as giving printing tasks to a printer. I hope they do get another offer so they can move with options an savings.

Coupon Crazy

Do you know that there are many people nowadays using coupon?  Using coupon is getting more popular to save money. Imagine by using coupon they save more than 80-90% off from their budget plan. I know some friends who love to do couponing and its amazing how they do it. Sometimes they only pay less than a dollar and sometimes free all of the stuffs. I did not know how to do it but love to learn.

Coin Collection

I have always heard of people wanting to invest in gold coins and all other investments like gold or silver bars as well as nuggets at, where every person I heard the investment from would say that business had always been good with the gold. For collectors and gold investors, maybe it is, but for me who do not know much about gold trading and all, I would simply be quiet to be attentive enough for clues on how they win in gold gamings and related activities. Coin collection is indeed a very vast hobby to get into. I hope to learn more about gold stuff and more.

Popcorn Coupon

Last month a company of popcorn sent me a couple of coupons for the review. I tried some but my family eats all so meaning it taste good. Till now I am still busy doing many things and not able to review them hopefully I will review them today. Its better late than never..

All Cranked Up

In every online worker’s life, the worst part of all is when one is facing a deadline, one of the demands in online work, and the computer accidentally or for no reason at all, would crank up, and die. For many, it will not be a problem for as long as iolo technologies is around. At least it is one’s saving grace, if not its angel. I myself have experienced problems with my computer, and I tell you, it is never easy to deal with it in the middle of meeting deadlines and orders.

Choosing Your Stair Lifts

Choosing a right stair lift is not hard specially that you can find what is the right one for your home. There are different stair lifts that you can find at the link I provide you today. This is a great place to know more about the stair lifts. I am thinking I saw it from a friend’s house where someone got injured and cannot walk so the stair lift is being use. I saw 16 different stair lifts styles that you can find in the link above. Its amazing  that something like this one can make your life easier. You will not worry about their stair lifts because its been certified insured and licensed. They can guarantee that your stair lift will last for a long time. Besides they offer a lifetime warranty for it. So what are you waiting for my dear just visit the site today and ask for more details how you can get it to install to your house.


There are times that I just want to update a little because I am busy. I will tell you guys that I got some freebies that I receive from companies but I giveaway also to my friends because I cannot keep up. Using coupons are really good to save some money. I am hoping to get more soon and share here. So guys just be here often and read my blog. Thanks for coming…

Tough Move

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

Gosh I miss home. I mean, I love my new job and it’s nice being able to afford this huge 2 bedroom condo here in Texas but I really, really miss New York. When I got this job offer I did everything I was supposed to that got me ready: I came down and bought this condo, I went and set up my utilities and I had my mail forwarded. I’ve joined an adult kickball league and a church and I’m making friends at work, if you can call them that. But the things I really miss at night are the pizza, the people bussing about in the streets and my family. I grew up in NYC and having to be this far away from my mom and dad is really hard on me, not to mention all the extended family. I’m homesick more than I’ve ever been in my life and I’m at an age where I feel like I should be soaking up every day and really loving my surroundings. My only saving grace is that the people here have been SO nice and welcoming – they took me in as one of their own from day one. I guess I’m just going to have to get used to hanging out with people who aren’t my family and that I didn’t grow up with…at least in New York you see the same people from your block throughout your whole life and you know them. Here it’s like everyone lives miles and miles from each other and you get lucky if you bump into someone you know, say, once a week. I think I’ve got to get more invested to stop feeling like this and I know it will help once I’ve been here longer than a few months. For now, though, I really do wish I had stayed at home even if I was making far less at a dead-end job, you know?